Sept. 11, 2019

The Imperfect Pod Trailer

The Imperfect Pod Trailer

Welcome to The Imperfect Pod where we discuss masculinity and manhood more intentionally and purposefully. I'm your host, Luke West.

We are living in a world of intense messaging about masculinity and my goal with this podcast is to discuss this messaging with intention.

This will be achieved by going deep into the lives of the men, women, strangers, academics, real life examples and experts who I've met in my life and on this journey.

Topics on this show will include toxic and traditional masculinity, politics, sex, gender, crossdressing, pornography, addiction, LGBTQ+ identities, mental health, fitness, legacy, gendered violence, domestic abuse, anger, shame, body image and so much more.

The core message I want to leave each listener with is this: There is no one-size-fits-all idea of masculinity and when we accept that, we can move beyond superficial conversations and start to help the men and people in our lives live healthier versions of themselves.

This imperfect journey takes a lot of deep work and self reflection and I thank you for joining me.

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