Great podcast ! Intelligent and insightful conversations

Luke is a thoughtful and interesting host who always brings on captivating guests dissecting the human condition. Highly recommend!

Surprising & Refreshing

Luke approaches every conversation with such an open mind and SO much vulnerability which I haven’t seen before from a male host. I feel like I’m learning alongside him!

Must-Listen Podcast

This podcast is by far one of my favourites out there. Luke approaches the topic of masculinity with such introspection and compassion that it creates a space for vulnerability, reflection and authenticity. His wide and unique range of guests allows you to realize the different angles and depths to which we can and should explore this topic. As a feminist who is constantly exposed to female-lead discussions regarding equality, this podcast sheds light on the importance of men also being part of the conversation and movement. A must listen!!

Great interviewer!

Luke is a great interviewer who consistently brings on interesting guests. I highly recommend his podcast!

Imperfect is the PERFECT PODCAST for you

Luke is amazing. The fact that he is talking about masculinity from all perspectives is refreshing, whether it’s veterans, authors, women, men, whoever he had on is going to give you a new insight and perspective on this deep and sometimes challenging topic. I love that’s variety of guest and the questions he asks them. He isn’t just a surface level podcast, he takes this topic on from the standpoint of a learner and uses his hunger for knowledge to bring listeners value every week! So if you need a show to give you perspective and help you learn from others imperfections this is the show! Seriously stop reading this and start listening to him now!!!

Much needed topic

EdThanks for shining a light on an overlook topic that is key for so many people. Really impactful.

Absolutely amazing Podcast!

Luke really addresses a variety of topics pertaining to masculinity. He’s successfully grown this podcast from the first episode where I was his guest and we did a call in my basement, to the high quality sound, editing and guests he has brought on! Very proud of the success so far, and I’m looking forward to the Imperfect Pod continuing to grow and allowing for Luke to continue to spread his message of an inclusive and progressive form of masculinity in 2021!

A conversation to have...

Great conversations about masculinity!! A podcast worth listening and one that is needed more than ever in this day and age.

A must listen for men & women

Luke and his guests continuously deliver fascinating conversations week after week. Diving into many complex issues that are often ignored.


The first episode is my favourite

Amazing show

Luke leads such honest and vulnerable conversations on the topic of masculinity! It’s a must listen!

Discovery of the week

I just discovered this one, and as a relatively recent dad it’s exactly what I didn’t realise I needed. Love the Just the TIP format as well. Great work Luke!

What we need!

This pod is what we need in today’s day and age. There’s sooo many women-focused podcasts out there (which is absolutely amazing) but there is such a need for more men talking about vulnerable topics. Such a refreshing listen! Would recommend :)

Smart and Full of Common Sense

Luke cuts to the chase, balancing kindness with inquisitiveness to speak truth to ideology. The best place to learn what's going on with men without getting pushed into a left-right struggle.

This show is (im) PERFECT!

Luke does an awesome job getting awesome guests and talking about awesome topics! I really enjoy his style!

Thanks Luke for Hosting me!

Lukes show is great - he examines men, women and their relationships - especially trying to give solid valuable advice to men of all ages. Be sure to Catch our Show on HOW Past Unhealed, Unconscious Childhood Trauma Impacts Adults Success in Life, Love and Relationships - You'll be surprised at what you hear - and that 90% of People have at least 1-3 of the 10 Traumas Holding them back! Coach Riana Milne;

Genuine content.

Luke has a great way of showing up for his guest in a genuine way.

Fantastic Show!

Luke is an amazing host! Always finds interesting guests with different perspectives! Love the subject matter of manhood! These conversations are so needed these days!


I love it! These are topics that keep me awake and having Luke as a host works so well. It's like wine and cheese, Luke being the finest wine and Imperfect pod being the most delectable cheese.

amazing show, better host

honest conversations about masculinity. very important in todays society. keep it up

Really great stuff

Luke and his guests are super engaging and great to listen to. As a female listener its really refreshing to hear men opening up and talking about the topic & issues of masculinity. Keep it up! :)

Phenomenal person

Luke is one of the most thoughtful and insightful individuals when it comes to creating and finding meaningful content for this podcast! Not only does Luke challenge and discuss so many real topics, but he does so in such a smart and thoughtful way. Luke as a person deserves 5 stars for dedication to his podcast, the content, and the listeners. Great job Luke!!!

Engaging, Vulnerable and Educational

It’s so cool to hear these honest and vulnerable conversations about masculinity. So many different amazing stories. Great host + awesome guests

Budding podcast

Luke has taken this podcasts leaps and bounds from when it started back in 2019, and I can’t wait to see where he fosters it further. He does a great job of guiding the conversation and provokes interesting dives into spaces of masculinity not often explored, much less with candor. Listen for relaxed-paced discussions on the male perspective that everyone can learn from.

Awesome podcasts!!

Luke talks about issues that many are afraid to discuss, opening the conversation between his guests and trickling down to his listeners. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends and am sure they enjoy as well :) keep the great content flowing!

Great topic

I love that you’re addressing men and the issue of real masculinity.

Deeply connected

At the end of the day, this show is about deep deep connection. We are all similar in some way, and through these revealing, emotional chats, the host shows us that nobody is that different. We all have flaws, we all mess up, we all think the wrong thing at times. That is why we are human!

Such an important podcast

Luke is a fantastic host with an engaging, just outlook on masculinity as a whole. As a female listener, the topics can still resonate and the conversations between Luke and his guests are always refreshing and insightful. More episodes please!!


The host is awesome and so thoughtful. The world needed a podcast like this! Thank you!