LGBTQ+ Episodes

December 16, 2020

57. Same-Sex Relationships and Gender Roles with Mike Iamele

Gender roles in a same-sex marriage don't make sense, so how do break down chores? Does the idea of gender roles still exists? These are questions that we explore on today's episode. We discuss Mike's journey to discovering h...

LGBTQ+ Toxic Masculinity

December 09, 2020

56. Honest Conversations About Crossdressing with Savannah Hauk

On this episode my guest is Author and Crossdresser, Savannah Hauk. We discuss the difference between drag and crossdressing, how gender and sexuality plays into the conversation and presentation, how people view her in publi...

Identity LGBTQ+

December 18, 2019

10. Being Gay In A Religious, Immigrant Family with Jofo Domingo

How hard was it to be gay at an all-male school? What are the challenges you face in your coming-out story growing up in a Catholic home? What are some ways you can build better relationships with your parents despite these d...

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