Conversations With Myself Series Episodes

March 17, 2021

69. It's Not #NotAllMen Until It's #NoMen: My Response Sarah Everard

As the host of a masculinity podcast, I feel it is bring more men into the conversation regarding Sarah Everard and male allyship. This is not a problem that will go away unlee we bring more men into the conversation and help...

Toxic Masculinity Conversations With Myself Series

December 23, 2020

58. Reflecting Back On 2020 and Looking at the Future

This is the last episode of 2020 where I talk about how 2020 went, 2021 goals, what books stood out to me the most and do a little bit of an AMA. As a reminder, I’ve recently started a FB group called The Imperfect Group wher...

Conversations With Myself Series

June 10, 2020

29. Reflecting on Black Lives Matter as a White Man

This past week I've been more angry than I can remember. With everything going on regarding Black Lives Matter, it was an emotionally exhausting week. But I must remember that, as a white man, four days of anger is nothing co...

Conversations With Myself Series Politics, Religion And Race

January 22, 2020

14. Conversations with Myself: Reflecting on the First 14 Episodes

After 13 episodes of the imperfect pod, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the future of the podcast. There's been a lot to think about. A lot of amazing discussions with friends. And a lot...

Conversations With Myself Series Mental Health And Emotional Wellbeing

September 11, 2019

The Imperfect Pod - The Introduction

Hi! My name is Luke West and I'm starting off on my mission of creating a platform for men to share their vulnerabilities and ideas of masculinity. My goal is to build generations of men who love themselves, and others, more ...

Conversations With Myself Series Toxic Masculinity Mental Health And Emotional Wellbeing