April 21, 2021

74. Ending a Cycle of Dysfunction with Anthony Spark

74. Ending a Cycle of Dysfunction with Anthony Spark

What do you do when you come from a family of dysfunction? How do you learn to be a man when your father is a serial cheater, drug dealer, gambler and prisoner? How do you navigate that life? How do break that cycle of poverty to create a life of wealth? These are some of the topics and themes that we discuss on this week's episode.

Other key themes of the episode include:

  • His family history and the trauma surrounding it
  • What is was like navigating the impact of his father's life
  • Being a logical person rather than emotional
  • How he responded to being called like his dad
  • Ensuring the choices he made were different than his father's
  • Creating a life of wealth so that his children can have a different life
  • Why judgement of people in pain his wrong
  • His close encounter with divorce
  • Why counselling has been his saving grace
  • What he's done to learn more about emotional wellbeing
  • And much more

About Anthony: Anthony Kenneth Spark is a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Money Coach, Philanthropist, Author, and Personal Development Specialist. At 18 years old, with a vision to change his family legacy and positively impact people in need, he was searching for a career . With a clear picture of the life he truly wanted, he began building a company of his own. That company has evolved into several industries and now does 7 figures of revenue involving an organization of over 250 people. We have as of November 2020 helped people pay off $3 million in Debt, earn over $3 million more per year in annual salary and save/invest 1.6 million. He had his first book, Phoenix Manifesto, published in 2018. Updated Audiobook to be released December 2020! Anthony is the cohost of ExtraOrdinary Excellence Podcast with over 21,000 downloads in its first year. He is the visionary and founder of Kickstrings - a social entrepreneurship project which raises funds and awareness for charities. You can connect with Anthony at his number 1-631-327-2241 (It's an iPhone too) or at his email Anthony@phoenixevolution.co. You can read more about his company Phoenix Evolution.

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