April 7, 2021

72. What to Expect When You're Expecting: A Father's Perspective with Geston Pierre

72. What to Expect When You're Expecting: A Father's Perspective with Geston Pierre

There are many resources out there for expecting women, but what about expecting men? What can they do throughout pregnancy to reflect, grow and serve their family? That’s exactly what we talked about on this episode!

Key themes of the episode include:

  • The difficulties of having a child during COVID
  • Picking the hospital you want to have your child at
  • The challenges that pregnancy can cause in relationships and how to treat your partner with respect
  • Navigating your wife’s wants, needs and cravings during the pregnancy
  • Being comfortable with role reversals and humbling yourself to serve
  • How expecting men can navigate their own selves to become more positive and change their mindset
  • Dealing with resentment and relationship hijacking with intentionality
  • Continuing to connect with each other and not focusing on the baby
  • The idea of the registry and why it might take away or threaten your ideas of masculinity
  • The expectation of men to provide and the stress that can cause for men and why we need to broaden the definition of provision
  • Finding valuable mentors and using relationships to become a better father
  • Resources for expecting fathers to learn about their upcoming journey
  • His excitement for being a girl dad
  • The home environment he grew up in and why he desires to be different than his father
  • How his relationship with his father has changed after knowing he was going to become a father
  • Looking 20 years into the future, what does being a successful father look like?
  • The biggest fear Geston has in his daughter’s first year on Earth
  • Is there such a thing as being over-protective?

About Geston: "GP" is an emerging leader, and speaker with a decade of combined leadership experience in the non-profit, and entertainment sectors. As a reality television competition champion, and multi-award nominated musician and recording artist, he has mastered the art and science of performing under pressure. He is passionate about helping people and organizations leverage their influence to make a lasting impact. As a pod-junkie, he serves as a podcast start-up consultant, and as a co-host to many podcasts. He ultimately aspires to inspire 1 billion people with his voice before he expires. You can find out more about him through his Linktree, by connecting with him on IG @gpthepodcastplug, or by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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