Oct. 2, 2020

45.2. Conversation with my Dad, Part Two with Jeff West

45.2. Conversation with my Dad, Part Two with Jeff West

This is part two of my two part conversation with my dad. When I first started having these conversations about masculinity and manhood, I knew that I was most nervous to have this conversation with my dad. Why? I think that's the very question I've been on a journey to discover.

Why is it so hard for young men to have serious conversations with their fathers? Isn't that the whole point? But throughout most of our lives, we find it easier to have these types of discussions with complete strangers. There's something easier about it. But as we all come to learn - growth comes in the uncomfortable.

This is the one year anniversary of the show. 45 episodes in and I finally worked up the courage to ask my dad to be on the show. We talk about 4 different stages of his life.

  1. What he was like at my age
  2. His relationship with his dad, my grandpa
  3. His approach to fatherhood
  4. And our relationship as father and son

My goal with this episode is to be able to encourage other sons and fathers to continue to build and develop their relationships and have these harder conversations. I've seen an impact on our relationship already (we recorded this 3 weeks before releasing) and I can't wait to continue to nurture that relationship.

I hope you enjoy.