May 20, 2020

26. How Asking Questions Can Provide Clarity with Brian Morgan

26. How Asking Questions Can Provide Clarity with Brian Morgan

Understanding who we are is something that we all struggle with. But does it have to be? How do we start? For myself, I've always understood that asking questions is the key to unlocking who we are. But how do you ask the RIGHT questions? And that's what fascinated me so much about Brian. 

On this podcast, you will hear about making mistakes, human psychology, and how you become the person you are!

Brian Morgan is the President of Think Deeply, Write Clearly, a writing training organization that focuses on improving corporate reports and communications, as well as marketing and content deliverables. But on a personal level, Brian is a great question asker. So on this episode, we kind of take a different approach where Brian flips a lot of questions around on me and I'm able to share a bit more about my life and perspectives!

More about Brian: Brian was the 16+ year managing editor of one of New York City's premier planning and engineering firm, and he is also a professor at 2 NYC-area colleges. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and visit his company's website here.

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