April 15, 2020

21. Why Rites of Passage are Important with Jason Vana

21. Why Rites of Passage are Important with Jason Vana

During this time, it is hard to feel hope. Even pre-COVID it was hard. For young men, we can really feel lost as we navigate life. Why might this be? Jason's theory? One key aspect of it is the idea of having a verbal rite of passage. A real life declaration that "you are a man". In his religion, that means a type of Father's Blessing. When this happens is really important. It is has roots in tribal cultures but it all comes around from being told that you are ready for the world. And I think that's really important for men to hear. To know that we are ready. To have the trust that we are ready. Otherwise, we feel lost throughout our entire lives. I really hope you enjoy this conversation with Jason.

Jason is the owner of SHFT Marketing, a brand and marketing consultation firm that helps small and growing businesses generate leads and increase revenue with custom marketing strategies. He also runs Ignite, a nonprofit geared to helping youth and young adults find their identity and live out their calling both in the U.S. and in Europe. He is a dog dad to a rescue pitbull, an avid lover of coffee, and Superman in disguise.

You can find Jason on LinkedIn at Jason Vana, on Instagram at @jasonpaulvana, on TikTok @jasonpaulvana or on Twitter @jasonvana

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